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Toda Embroidery is Intricate needlework of Women belonging to the Toda Tribe of Nilgiri Hills.


Fabric Used – Cotton fabric is used in Toda Embroidery. The fabric is loosely woven because the embroidery is done by counting the weaves.


Colors – The color of the ground fabric is off-white. The colors of the threads are red and black (and occasionally blue).


Motifs – Basically, all the traditional embroidery inspiration is taken from nature, day-to-day life activities, and mythological stories and reflects the colors of flora and fauna of that particular region. The embroidery of the particular region tells the story of a particular region. In this case, also the motifs are inspired by local surroundings. The Buffalo horn is the most important motif because the tribals worship buffalo. Sun, moon, stars, flowers, snakes, and rabbits are the other motifs.




·         By the people of the Toda tribe of Nilgiris District from the Southern Indian State of Tamil Nadu.


·         Toda Embroidery is handwoven only by the Toda women.


·         Each product is a unique piece.


·         Toda Embroidery is reversible, so one can use both sides.


·         It takes up to three weeks to complete one Toda product, depending on the richness of the pattern and amount of embroidery done on each piece..


·         The main and only stitch used in this embroidery is a darning stitch, done from the back of the fabric.


·         Geographical & climatic conditions add to the refinement of the desired shades of colors.


·         The designs or patterns of the Toda Embroidery are mostly symbolic ranging from floral motifs to animals and human figures.


·         Patterns are repetitive.


·         No design/pattern is traced or implemented as outlined.


·         Motifs are embroidered by counting the warp and weft threads of the coarsely woven fabric.


 Toda Embroidery has been Conferred the Geographical Indication (GI) status by the Government of India in 2013 with the GI Number 187.

  • Made in pure cotton
  • Hand-embroidered by the artisans of Tamil Nadu
  • Washable
  • Wash Care: - Gentle hand wash

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